Setlist Planner

Organise songs into shareable setlists to ease band rehearsals and live gigs

Recognize this?

The drummer firing off a song 10 BPM too fast or too slow.

The guitarist puttin' a capo on the wrong fret.

A singer forgetting the lyrics or accidentally skipping a song in the heat of the moment.

These things happen. We too are musicians. We've been there. We use Setlist Planner ourselves in various bands we play with. Setlist Planner focusses on ease-of-use, security and innovative but durable technology.

Songs & setlists

There ain't much more to it. Setlist Planner organises songs into setlists. Setlists can easily be shared amongst all band members through any channel without any restriction or compatibility issues. Easy. Safe. Hassle-free. Check out all the features of Setlist Planner.

All features

Songs and playlists

Create an unlimited number of songs and playlists. Easily copy/edit/delete playlists or add existing or new songs. Drag and drop the songs into place. Add lyrics, chords, comments, tuning and BPM info. All set.  

Edit everywhere

Setlist Planner is a mobile-first web application. It works similar and very intuitive on each and every device (PC, tablet, phone). No need to install anything. Pure. Simple. Mobile. Or not. Hassle-free. Always.


Make playlists available for offline use by exporting them to PDF, pure HTML or send them via email. Export to CSV and Excel is available as well.

Add your files

Add your own files to songs. Recordings, backing tracks, custom sheets or even some hand-written notes. You name it. No limits. Musicians often need custom notations. No problem. We got that covered.


Easily share your playlists via a shareable link, via mail or full download. Copy/paste that link in any app to quickly redistribute your playlist to band members in seconds. No synchronization hassle. Pure and simple.

Go live!

Let your setlists come to life on stage and have your songs autoscroll in adjustable speeds. Easily swipe to the top of the list, the next or previous song. Toggle between attached files, lyrics and chords. Never get lost again. The built-in metronome helps to get into the groove and the beatbox can play kicks and hi-hats to pimp a song.

Pick your package

The perfect plan for starting artists and bands.

  • 1 playlist
  • 15 songs
  • No custom file uploads
  • No support

The most powerful plan for seasoned artists and bands.

  • Unlimited playlists/songs
  • Add (any) files to songs
  • Additional export options
  • Online metronome & beatbox
  • 500MB storage
  • Premium support 24/7



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